Respond positively to the following post on the role of nurses in health care organisations.


Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words

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Respond positively to the following post on the role of nurses in health care organisations.
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Idalmis Espinosa 

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Re:Topic 1 DQ 1

The nurse plays a very significant role in any healthcare organization by provisions of their better services to the patients and ensuring the organizations achieves the best competitive advantages in the market. Shortage of nurse can significantly affect the healthcare organization, nurse professions and the quality of services that the patient receives (Rosseter, 2010). These shortages are recorded due to the reason that few nurses are entering the market and here are some impacts that they cause to the nurse’s professionals.

The shortage leads to the current nurse being responsible for a large base of patients leading to an overwhelming situation that affects the quality of service provided to the patient. This overwhelming condition is very dangerous for your personal health and that of the patient. Also, another impact of the shortages of the nurse to the nurse professional is the reduced ability to admit patients from the emergency room (Fox & Abrahamson, 2009).. This is the reason that when the health care reaches the full census they are unable to admit more patients as they will be challenges attending to them. This leads to patients finding help from another facility hence limiting the provision of services to the people who might need it urgently. Furthermore, the management ensures that more patients are admitted to fill all the beds a strategy from the revenue point of view but the current nurses are unable to handle that pressure. According to the health resources and services administration, there will be more than one million nurses reaching their retirement age in ten years to come hence creating a huge threat to the nurse shortage strategies (Rosseter, 2010).

One of the strategies that organization is implementing is recruiting more graduates students in the market in order to replace and reinforce the current shortages.  Also, more people are encouraged to study nursing in order to increase the graduate student in the future dates that will cover up the expected shortage of nurses. Many states are working to increase the number of nursing programs in order to keep up with the current and expected nursing shortages (Fox & Abrahamson, 2009).


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Rosseter, R. (2010). Nursing shortage fact sheet. Retrieved June from http://www. aacn. nche. edu/media/pdf/NrsgShortage

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