Employee Legal Handbook Presentation

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Option #1Employee Legal Handbook Presentation

For the final Portfolio Project, you will submit a professional presentation (using PowerPoint or a similar format), developing an organization’s employee legal handbook that could be utilized during new employee orientation.

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Employee Legal Handbook Presentation
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This presentation will include:

  • An APA title page
  • A description of the organization you developed, provide the organizations name, type, size, location, and the licensing organization.I attached the organization I will be using under the file, option 1- organizational definition Preliminary presentation. the organizations name is country meadows of Bethlehem. Use this presentation for additional information to add to this powerpoint.
  • A listing of all employee professions or disciplines
  • A list of the topics developed in the Module 5 milestone which are to prepare and define the outline for your employee legal handbook.Include the following topics by title, using an outline format to break down your handbook entries. Topics: legal principles, rights, credentialing/scope of practice, legal employment qualifications (I-9, EEOC, etc.), HIPAA (confidentiality, privacy, security), consent, legal representation (POA, Guardian, etc.), abuse reporting, organizational regulations (staffing, etc.), end of life, federal/state regulations and future implications in healthcare law. You will use this topic outline in this presentation. Make sure each topic is organized.
    • A paragraph or two defining and discussing the significance of this specific topic and how it applies to the new employee entering your healthcare organization
  • A list of twelve multiple choice questions, one for each of the twelve topics from the Module 5 milestone, that could be used as a post-test following the new employee orientation to the legal handbook
  • A minimum of four academic sources one has to be from the csu global library, I listed some sources that you can use for help if you want in module 6- portfolio milestone which is attached below.
  • A reference slide(s) formatted in APA and utilizing the sources you outlined in the Module 6 milestone.

Presentation Requirements:

  • Sixteen to eighteen slides in length, not including the title or reference page
  • Correctly cited sources (including images, text, tables, etc.)
  • Follow CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

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