Professional nursing organizations

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Professional nursing organizations aid in the academic advancement and promotion of nurse competency. As members of professional nurse organizations, nurses can aid in legislative improvements, set standards for nursing practice and contribute to high quality patient care (Helbig, 2018). A model for nursing care is the standards of practice authored by the American Nurses Association (ANA). The standards of practice have been shaped by evidence based practice (Helbig, 2018).

The ANA provides many methods for RNs to become advocates for themselves and their patients, such as, information, tools and resources (American Nurses Association, 2018). Also, they work with and try to push lawmakers and legislators to enact evidence based policy which, in turn, assists nurses in providing more efficient high caliber patient care.

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Professional nursing organizations
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The American Nurses Advocacy Institute (ANAI) was created establish political leaders born from within the nursing profession enacting change at a structural level (American Nurses Association, 2018). RNs born of this movement will influence policy at local, state and federal levels. They are capable of implementing policy change that lasts, are able to make contacts and partnerships in the interest of patient advocacy. ANAI trained nurses will be able to effectively provide support to the people they represent while pushing forward the principals of the ANA (American Nurses Association, 2018). The ANA represents all nurses equally regardless of membership status. They invite all RNs to join their association and to join them in their goal of advancing nursing while simultaneously advancing positive change in health care (American Nurses Association, 2018)


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