Topic Case Study: Nursing Shortage

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Topic Case Study: Nursing Shortage

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Topic Case Study: Nursing Shortage
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As a nurse, you will often encounter difficult situations in which opposing values play against one another. As you have seen, healthcare issues, whether ethical, legal, or political, are going through rapid change. So is nursing.

One of the future challenges of nursing is nursing shortage, which is anticipated to be a worldwide problem. With nurses aging and nearing retirement and with no adequate number of replacements forecasted for the next decade, the outcomes do not look bright. It has been recommended that a strategy to improve the nurse shortage is to improve the quality of the work environment and have a commitment to personal excellence in nursing practice.

With the explosion of knowledge and the rapid advancements in science, nurses will continue to face more and more dilemmas. The advances are far exceeding the number of resolutions to the dilemmas they are creating. As a nurse, you should be proactive and get involved in the political arena, serve on ethics committees, or create situations in which the voice of the nurse can be heard. As one of the largest number of healthcare providers, you can no longer afford to stick your head in the sand and not become actively engaged in these issues, if nothing else but to maintain an open mind to diverse ideas and to formulate in your own mind your values and opinions.

What are the ethical, legal and or political aspects of nursing shortages and what is the future of healthcare in nursing?

  1. Summarize the case in an introduction.
  2. Identify values evident in this situation.
  3. Which of these reflect your personal values?
  4. What conflicts might arise from these values?
  5. Address the the specific questions associated with the case.
  6. Provide a conclusion.
Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Summarized the case and solution in the introduction and provided a conclusion.40
Identified the values evident in this situation.60
Reflected your personal values.20
Identified the conflicts that might arise from these values.60
. Addressed the specific questions associated with the case.60
Evaluated what the individual should do.20
Used APA style (which includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as formatting).40

Must be 1-2 pages in length, at least 2 APA references within the last 5 years.

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