Taking Home Telehealth Services

Case Study Analysis

Working individually, you will read The Veterans Health Administration: Taking Home Telehealth Services to Scale Nationally posted in the Blackboard folder labeled Case Study. The case study identifies certain challenges and opportunities facing the VHA as it pursues its goal to fully leverage telehealth. Your assignment is as follows:

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Taking Home Telehealth Services
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· Synthesize the strategic and business goals the VHA has achieved.

· Select ONE challenge OR opportunity for focused research on your chosen topic.

· Provide a synthesis of your research and analysis.

· Present a detailed recommendation for a solution that includes:

. Why you think that is the best solution;

. The ramifications of not implementing your suggested solution.

The case study analysis will be graded based on the Case Study Analysis Grading Rubric in the Rubrics folder on Blackboard. Formatting requirements for your analysis are:

· Length requirement: 12-15 pages double-spaced using a 12-point font.

· Minimum 10 high quality and scholarly external resources (does not include current or previous textbooks). ALL sources used in your analysis should be correctly cited and cross-referenced. In other words, if a source is listed in your references section, it must also be cited correctly in the body of your paper. Similarly, any sources cited in the body of the paper must also be listed in the references section.

· APA formatting guidelines..

· Turnitin similarity index is not to exceed 20%. Similarity is based on properly cited external content. It does NOT include external content that is not correctly cited or credited to the original source.

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