Diversity in the Media

Charis Harris Discussion Post


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Diversity in the Media
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· What is the composition of the primary characters, and what groups within diversity do they represent?

· The popular culture example that I’m using is the cartoon show The Boondocks. The premise of this show explored the daily life of a Black family living in the suburbs (McGruder, 2005). Living in the suburbs introduces them to different cultures, lifestyles, and social classes (McGruder, 2005). The primary characters are Black who are two grandsons Riley and Huey of the grandfather Robert Freeman (McGruder, 2005). The two young brothers Riley and Huey moved away from the city of Chicago to live in the suburbs with their grandfather (McGruder, 2005). Huey represented the not typical Black kid that is portrayed in the media because he is politically and socially conscious (McGruder, 2005). While Riley, represented the lost Black youth, which is the typical Black kid that is portrayed in the media (McGruder, 2005). The grandfather Robert Freeman, is the traditional Black grandfather who is tried his best to raise his grandchildren (McGruder, 2005). So, Huey represented the non-stereotypical Black youth, Riley represented the stereotypical Black youth, and the grandfather represented the stereotypical Black grandfather, which are the groups that they represent within diversity.

· What is the latent (or unintended) social message or commentary about a particular group to society that is reflected by this example?

· The unintended social message of this cartoon is that Black people are not a monolith and we have different personalities, skills, talents, and abilities.

· What are the social implications of this message? Briefly discuss any potential social impact or response to the example.

· The social implication of this message is to seek for understanding and knowledge of Black culture versus judging them based on stereotypes. The complexities of Black culture is underrepresented in the media, so people should seek for knowledge of the complexities of Black culture. In the media, they typically portray Black people as either criminals, misguided, or entertainers and our culture is not limited to that. The messaging in this show provokes curiosity, which can lead to learning about Black culture.

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