Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety- Nursing Assignment

NUR 332– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety- Nursing Assignment

The goal of this assessment is for you to use information about a specific health issue relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations toproduce a case study analysis which informs decision making and best practice.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety- Nursing Assignment
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The assessment is presented in two parts:
• Digital Poster

• 1000 words required within the poster itself (Reference list not to be counted in the word count – Intext references okay to be counted in the word count). Do not go over or under the word count please.

This assessment will contribute to 30% (30 marks) of your overall grade mark.

Steps to Complete your Task 2:

Step 1 – Choosing the Focus of your Digital Poster.
Being particularly aware of cultural considerations choose one item from list A and B. Together these will provide the focus of your research, case study development and digital poster presentation. Your focus needs to be about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Females and health.

List A:
(1) Aboriginal Female – 45 years+

(2) Aboriginal Female – 18 years +

(3) Torres Strait Islander Female – 45 years+

(4) Torres Strait Islander Female – 18 years+

List B:
(1) Maternal health patient – choose one maternal health condition.
(2) Mental health patient – choose one MH condition (not depression).
(3) Infectious disease patient – choose one infectious disease.

Step 2: Case Study.
Based on your choice above create a fictional ‘Case Study’ relating to ‘Closing the Gap’ in Indigenous female health. The case study should include the Indigenous clients background and medical history (name, age, religion, next of kin, family situation, where they live, employment, medications, medical and surgical history, prior condition before needing nursing intervention, cultural needs, etc).Start researching your focus area to build your case study around. I recommend that you think about what you would do when you are working in a healthcare environment for the patient in your case study? Ask yourself? – what research would you do about the patient in your care? What would you write in your
patient’s chart? what has your patient been admitted for? – what nursing interventions would your carry out, and what drug therapy would you administer to the patient in your case study? How would you provide cultural safety for the patient in your care.

The AIM of Task 2 – Is about developing your critical thinking abilities, your problem-solving skills and drawing on your research knowledge to demonstrate that you understand what is best practice. Your case study and digital poster content needs to flow and be based on evidenced based research. Information used throughout your digital poster must relate and link back to your initial case
study scenario content/outline.

Step 3 – Researching the Client’s Condition/ Situation.

Research literature to obtain information about the health situation/ condition chosen from list B in your case study. This should include pathophysiology/prevalence in Indigenous communities, nursing interventions and possible drug therapy. Use literature to support key points in your poster

Note: Cultural considerations and safety specifically linked to your case study should be highlighted.

Step 4: Designing your Digital Poster

1) The poster content and design must be included:

• Poster Title:
• Heading 1 – Introduction.
• Heading 2 – Case Study (dot point form).
• Heading 3 – Topic Information – pathophysiology/ prevalence in Indigenous communities, etc.
• Heading 4 – Nursing Interventions and drug therapy (Best practice).
• Heading 5 – Cultural Safety in nursing practice (Best practice).
• Heading 6 – Reference List – 6 -10 references only.

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