Choose a topic of health issue within Australia, and explore this issue as follows:

Choose the above topic of health issue within Australia, and explore this issue as follows:

·         Introduction-providing a contextual background & stating what the paper will address

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Choose a topic of health issue within Australia, and explore this issue as follows:
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·         definition of the condition/issue

·         prevalence patterns-statistical data

·         levels of prevention-primary, secondary & tertiary related to the topic

·         health promotion campaigns-description of related to the topic

·         prevention strategies – analysing the  strategies used by the health promotion campaigns to implement their programs

·         nursing roles in prevention-related to how nursing can be involved with health education and prevention strategies

·         conclusion-a summary of the paper’s findings

NOTE: Emphasis must be placed not just on the content but the way that is written, expressed and argued.

As well, there should not be any inclusion of symptoms, signs, treatments or therapies related to the chosen topic- the focus ought to be on promotion of health within a public health context.

Style Guide

·         In text referencing using the APA system.

·         Headings must be inserted using only those headings within the Marking Guideline

·         Assignments must be double-spaced on white A4 paper and typed on one side only. Pages should be numbered.

·         There should be a title page giving the name of the course, the coordinator’s name, the student’s name and number, the title of the assignment and its due date and a reference list page must be included at the end.

·         A reference list containing all sources cited in the text must be included with each assignment. References must not be more than 5 years old.

·         An additional bibliography of all sources consulted is not required.


·         Correct referencing is a mandatory requirement for any UG program and should be evident according to RMIT University guidelines

·         If there is no evidence of referencing the assignment will NOT be assessed nor will any mark be allocated.

·         Assignments to be submitted via Level 4 through the “Submission of Assignments Post Box” slot located in the corridor next to the Academic Admin Office on Level 4, Building 201.

·         The assignments must be date stamped on the attached cover sheet via the time clock located on the wall before posting in the post box slot. Instructions for use of the time clock are located above the clock on the wall which will result in two dates placed in the appropriate spot on the assignment cover sheet attached to the front of the submitted assignment.

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