Learning objectives in accordance with Bloom's Taxonomy

The three main learning objectives in accordance with Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Learning domain are mainly categorised as Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. The meaning of cognitive is mainly defined as mental skills. Also, the meaning of Affective is mainly termed as growth feelings or growth in the emotional areas (Retno, Arfatin & Nur, 2018). The last objective that is the Psychomotor is mainly stated as the physical and the manual skills. there are mainly six main categories that come under the cognitive processes and those are mainly evaluation, synthesis, analysis, application, comprehension, knowledge and comprehension. There are many dimension in the Cognitive Dimension and those are mainly the Conceptual, Factual, procedural and Metacognitive.
The above objectives are very vital in nursing knowledge and skills. in the aggregate level, all these above-mentioned objectives play a very vital role. All the mentioned objectives are the backbone. In the organizational context, all these objects will make help a lot. The objectives will help in gaining knowledge to the employers who are working in the organisation in the context of advanced nursing. In the policy level, these objectives will help to make appropriate policy decisions (Al Raggad & Ismail, 2018). The policy decision is mainly the decision that is mainly taken by the organisation in reference to guide the proper decision and accomplish rational outcomes. All these objectives are very important in reference to advanced nursing.

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Learning objectives in accordance with Bloom's Taxonomy
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