What do the letters in NAMI represent? What is the goal, purpose and activities of NAMI?

1) Hemorrhaging, infection, high blood pressure, unsafe abortion due to poor quality and inaccessible health care, malnutrition and poor sanitation, lack of access to family planning and support of male partners to use contraceptives are causes of high rates of: 
a)infant morbidity and mortality 
b)maternal morbidity and mortality 
c)paternal morbidity and mortality 
d)none of the above

2)Compared to blacks and whites, men and women from this group live longer and have higher survival rates for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease and stroke even though they share some of the same risk factors that contribute to poorer health such as high rates of poverty and obesity lower educational attainment due to something called: 
a)medical tourism 
c)the Hispanic paradox 

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What do the letters in NAMI represent? What is the goal, purpose and activities of NAMI?
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3)Working in dangerous jobs, engaging in risky behaviors such as speeding while driving, socialized to be strong, independent, aggressive and competitive, smoking and use of alcohol and drugs are reasons why; 
a)women in the U.S. are more likely than men to have a mental disorder ( 23% vs. 16% in 2011) 
b)children have a higher rate of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. 
c)men in the U.S. have a lower life expectancy than women 
d)men and women in the U.S. have similar life expectancies

4)Physical, emotional and sexual abuse; poverty and homelessness, job loss, divorce, death of loved ones, devastation from natural disasters, onset of disabling illness or injury, trauma of war, genetic, neurological conditions and hormonal factors are potential causes of: 
b)medical tourism 
d) mental illness

5) Drugmakers, device makers, and insurers decide which products to develop not based on what patients need, but on what their marketers tell them will sell and will produce the highest profit according to the: 
a)structural functionalist perspective 
b)conflict perspective 
c)non-Marxist perspective 
d)symbolic interactionist perspective

6)Poor educational achievement, lost productivity, unsuccessful relationships, significant distress, violence and abuse, incarceration, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, suicide are potential results of untreated: 
a) medical tourism 
c)mental illness 

7) The use of antibiotics in prescriptions, soaps, factory farm animal feed, hand wipes etc. has produced antibiotic-resistant bacteria that make treating infections more difficult according to the: 
a)manifest function of the structural functionalist perspective 
b)manifest dysfunction of the structural functionalist perspective 
c)latent function of the structural functionalist perspective 
d)latent dysfunction of the structural functionalist perspective

8) The international trade of tobacco, alcohol, surgary drinks, high-calorie processed foods, expansion of fast-food chairns across the globe are associated with a worldwide increase in heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabletes and cancer; all of which are the effects of: 
a)medical tourism 
b)social and economic conditions 
d)the affordable health care act

9)a.What do the letters in NAMI represent? What is the goal, purpose and activities of NAMI? 
b.Where is the nearest NAMI to your zip code in your borough of residence?10466 
c. Using the Mental Health Locator, list your zip code and the number (only) of mental health facilities in your community. 
d. Summarize 3 things you learned from the link about MULTI-CULTURAL MENTAL HEALTH FACTS

10) a.What is the Affordable Health Care Act? 
b. Is mental health care covered under the Act? 
c. What outreach efforts are highlighted in the textbook that are directed to men for help with mental illness? 
Your response should be separated into paragraphs with each paragraph beginning with the letter, a., b. and c.

11)a.Based on the video, what is medical apartheid? 
b. Within the HIV/AIDS link, what is PRep and how can it decrease the spread of the disease? 

12)a.What are the top 3 differences in the leading causes of death for low income vs. high income countries? 
b.What contributes to the differences in causes of death between the two types of countries? amended 2/1/18

13)In two separate paragraphs, highlight the consequences of the high cost of health care AND inadequate health insurance in the U.S

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