Building volunteer capacity

Assignment –

Case Study – Building volunteer capacity as a key strategy of the 'Engagement Initiative'

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Building volunteer capacity
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You have recently started work at an aged care facility in Ballina. The organisation 'ABC Aging with Care' has a resident-centred philosophy caring for older Australians and wants to build its brand as an innovative provider of aged care services.

You have been employed as the Engagement Consultant to build a team called the 'Engagement Initiative'. The project aims to build the organisation's capacity to increase residents' interaction and engagement with others including fellow residents, staff, families and volunteers and thus, lead to greater resident satisfaction with living in the facility. The organisation hopes the initiative will enhance the brand of the organisation and attract greater numbers of residents to choose the 'ABC Aging with Care' facility in which to live.

You have been asked by your manager to present a brief operational plan (maximum 10 pages) to the Senior Management Team on one specific aspect of the 'Engagement Initiative' – the role of volunteers.

The role of volunteers is recognised by senior management as an important way to increase engagement with the residents and is a key strategy in the 'Engagement Initiative'. Management has indicated they are prepared to put resources toward activities and strategies that will build the volunteer presence at the facility but need:

a. a solid business case

b. an action plan

c. a risk analysis and contingency plan

d. an estimation of the HR and other resources needed to successfully implement the initiative.

With respect to the budget, your manager has advised a fully costed model is not required at this stage but has asked you to indicate estimates of recruitment and salary/employment on-costs.

Before you start preparing for the 10-minute presentation, you review the organisation's Strategic Business Plan 2015-2020 (see Appendix 1) and are pleased to see the 'Engagement Initiative' is noted as a key strategy.

It is a big job so you decide to simply get started by making a list of the documents you will create and note what you think needs to be considered for inclusion. You make a note to organise a time to consult with your manager and other stakeholders including the Directors of Nursing, HR and Finance.

Your business case objectives

a. Your objectives include:

i. increase volunteer base by 25 percent per annum

ii. reduce volunteer attrition by 15 percent

iii. recruit two new roles to grow and support volunteers – a Volunteer Coordinator and a Volunteer Administrator within three months

iv. all team members to undertake volunteer training.

b. You currently have 50 volunteers and are aiming for 150 within 12 months to stay steady and grow moderately (15 percent). Attrition of volunteers is high – approximately 25 percent per annum. Your training approach will also need to be thought through. So many things to consider.

Tasks –

1. Develop strategies to monitor and review performance systems and processes using the Appendix 2: Operational Plan Status Report template which measures:

I. progress in achieving profit

II. productivity plans

III. performance targets.

2. Conduct analyse and interpret the budget contained in the strategic plan to monitor and review the profit and productivity of individual performance using the Appendix 2: Operational Plan Status Report template.

3. Conduct a review of all performance systems, identify areas of underperformance and make a recommendation and take prompt action to rectify the situation using the Appendix 2: Operational Plan Status Report template.

4. Record a 3-minute video of you conducting a management meeting on the proposed plan to implement strategies and processes to ensure mentoring and coaching are provide to team members and teams to carefully and efficiently use resources. Complete and use the Appendix 3: Performance management plan template to support your case.

Type the video dialogues as well

I. During the meeting, present your recommendations together with supporting documents and data and collaborate and negotiate with stakeholders and agree on a final solution.

You will be required to submit an audio/video recording of this meeting. Provide the Case Study notes to the persons acting as the Management team so they have a clear understanding of the role play requirements.

Your recording should demonstrate your ability to:

identify and use appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with colleagues and external stakeholders

collaborate with others to achieve joint outcomes, playing an active role in facilitating effective group interaction, influencing direction and taking a leadership role on occasion

present information to a range of audiences using appropriate register, vocabulary and paralinguistic features

listen to and comprehend information from a variety of spoken exchanges with clients, co-workers and other stakeholders

confirm understanding through questioning and active listening.

When you have finished the recording, you will need to upload your file to OpenSpace. If you are not sure how to do this, check the support article 'How to record and upload your video' in the Student Lounge on OpenSpace.

Note: You must ensure you obtain appropriate approvals to conduct and record a meeting in this setting, so the meeting participants must sign the Appendix 4: Audio/Video recording consent form and you must submit the signed form as part of your assessment.

5. Develop and implement strategies to ensure that procedures and records associated with documenting performance are managed in accordance with the organisation's requirements.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

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