Essay on Maxine Hong Kingston’s Silence

Need an argumentative essay on Maxine Hong Kingston’s Silence. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. There are people who argue that Gould had been so illogical in his essay. On the other hand Kingston had acquired feminists’ movements support and criticism from keepers of Chinese traditions stating that her essay is anti-Chinese culture. As of this moment, we will try to compare the two writers writing styles incorporated in these two essays. Is Kingston better than GouldLooking at the ethos of both writings, let us first start talking about the credibility of both writers in dealing with the topic. In these two essays Kingston is more credible in terms of knowledge requirements. Yes, they both are trying to present an argumentative topic both dealing with “discrimination” among individuals that they both know exists in the time of writing their essays. Literally speaking, Kingston is fighting for women’s right, while Gould is playing on a neutral stand in the debate of who is superior. Gould in the entirety of the topic did not mention of anything that would support his mastery of the topic, while on the other hand, Kingston showed mastery of the topic by combination of her own experience and real situations of the society. From their, the difficulty of the topic is very clear, Gould’s topic is very scientific in contrary to Kingston which is dealing with ethical and cultural issue. Gould did not even prove by himself if brain size has something to do with intelligence. He just cited researcher’s works and narrated them in the essay. In the entirety of the essay, he never even showed that he has personally conducted his own experiment or study with brain sizes and its relation to intelligence. He never sounds confident in this essay, perhaps he is just trying to excite people and reopen the debate that happened long ago. He just narrated events and mentioned his main characters-mostly “researchers”, and did not even show that he has connection with these people. In his conclusion, he just expressed his own idea and it was not even derived from the researcher’s works that he had cited. Perhaps he himself knows that the evidences he gathered are too weak to prove the issue. Well, it is good for him because he never boost by picking a side. His essay would even leave a question about his purpose of writing it, why did he write it Is he hiding an intention that only people like him could find out On the other hand, Kingston’s topic is much easier to prove. Her evidences: customs, traditions, events are based on her own experience and observation of what is happening around her. She has incorporated more knowledge in the essay. Her point is clear, and he leaves no confusion about her purpose of writing it. In general, they may differ in terms of mastery, but they both showed sincerity. Did their essay tackle ethical, cultural, and traditional issues For Kingston it is clear, yes She showed the effect of traditions and customs being observed in their society as of the time of her writing. She is giving a clear picture of the discrimination existing between men and women in the society.

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Essay on Maxine Hong Kingston’s Silence
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