Preparation of budget for nusrsing.

Budgeting is often regarded as one of the most vital functions for any organisation as efficient budgeting results in effective managerial control. However, Soleimani and Salehfar (2012) argued that the process of budgeting is not easy as a large number of factors and cost items need to be considered for the development of a sound budget. The current study is concerned with the preparation of a budget for a nursing home operating in the UK. The study considers all potential costs incurred by a nursing home for the preparation of budget. The purpose of the budgeting process is to develop a budget that covers all relevant costs for the chosen nursing home (Saeidi and Jorjani, 2012). A specific time period would be set for the budget. Post completion of that period, variance analysis would be conducted to identify gaps in targeted performance level and the actual performance level. Thus, the budget would help in understanding the areas in which the nursing home is laggingDocument Preview:

Order NoEHUK5897Word2000Deadline2015-10-06Allocation Date2015-10-04 23:25:02Order TypeAssignmentAcademic LevelBachelorSubjectNursingOrder DeliveryTopic this assignment involves interpreting information for services users who you support in your place of work. you will be given a budget by your manager in which you need to take account of when choosing moving lifting equipment for service users within you Admin Remark Please follow the guidelines strictly Do make sure all the points have addressed and cross checked No basic errors such as – grammar, spelling , sentence formation and wrong references will be accepted Downloads HYPERLINK “” Main File     Additional Requirement No Data Found

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Preparation of budget for nusrsing.
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