Certificate Four In Aged Care Nursing

Due Date: 12/02/2016 at 10AM

Subject: Certificate Four In Aged Care Nursing

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Certificate Four In Aged Care Nursing
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Chapter: Facilitate Individualized Plans

Unit descriptor

This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to develop, implement and monitor support requirements for people to sustain quality of life according to individualized plans.

Unit code


Short questions answer has to be minimum 300 words each please focus on chapter only.

Project work Minimum 600 words each.

1.Describe some of the principles that will enable effective consultation regarding the design and development of case/ care plans.

2. What are the criteria that might apply to the procedures followed to identify client needs—list at least eight?

3. List the workplace forms and documents that might be available in an organization, describe the uses for each document. Give at least seven examples.

4. What are the potential risks that may be evident for the client and/or the service provider under the provision of determined care? Give examples of strategies to minimise these risks.

5. Explain what confidentiality means, giving examples of how you can apply the principles of confidentiality in the workplace

6. What is a carer? How do most people become carers? How can intimate relationships be affected when one partner becomes a carer to the other and what can be done to address this?

7. What information should be included in a worker’s job description? What should a worker do if they do not understand an aspect of their job description? What are the aims of health and safety legislation that workers must comply with when carrying out their job?

8. What is strengths based practice? Give example of strengths based practice.

9. Describe a client-centred approach to working with particular groups or particular issues.

10.Explain the duty of care requirements when supporting an individualized plan.

11. What resources may be required to support an individualised plan?

12. How and when can a client’s training needs be identified?

Project 1

Choose a client you have worked with.?Develop a comprehensive case plan for the client. Explain the procedures you follow from the first introduction to the client through to case closure. Describe the steps in the process, what kinds of information you would need to gather, collate and analyse and how it would contribute to the management plan.?Your case management plan should include the following:

1 Skills and methods to be used in conducting case management meetings.

2 Identification of boundaries and processes within service delivery.

3 How your organisation will protect individual and family rights.

4 Identification and integration of statutory requirements.

5 Consideration and integration of appropriate cultural issues.

6 Provision of information on rights of appeal and grievance procedures.

7 Identification of immediate, short- and long-term needs, including initial assessment.

8 Development of detailed action plans.

9 Processes for monitoring effectiveness of case plans.

10 Processes that assist client to set achievable goals and retai ownership.

11 Assessments for change or ongoing intervention.

12 Successful negotiation with all stakeholders.

13 Matching available workers’ skills to case plan requirements.

Procedures and processes for case closure.


You work for an organisation that provides support for elderly and disabled clients to meet their personal care needs. The organisation is about to be audited so that it can be accredited. As part of the audit, the organisation needs to submit a copy of its policies and procedures manual. The current manual is out of date and not of a very high quality. You have been asked to create a new manual.

In the manual you should set out the actions workers need to take to facilitate and support individualised plans, in particular steps to:

develop and maintain appropriate relationships with clients

determine a client’s personal need support requirements

provide information about the planning process

facilitate the development of the plan

determine risks associated with supporting the individualised plan

contribute to safety, security and duty of care

create and complete relevant documentation

You should discuss the topics that you have studied in this unit; outline the knowledge you have acquired, the roles and responsibilities of self and others in the organisation.

You will be assessed on the content of your submission and your ability to convert information into a set of procedures that will ensure a high level

you will also need of personal care support.

Demonstrate that you have undertaken your own research. Remember to properly cite and reference any material from other authors.

Project 3

You must provide a detailed response.?Community service workers will interact with a wide variety of clients and co-workers from a range of cultural and experiential backgrounds.?They must, therefore, be aware of:

1 the role of diversity in the workplace

2 methods of accommodating diversity

3 access and equity issues that relate to their own area of work

4 cultural, historical, access and equity issues that could be specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities

5 other issues that might face Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities

They must demonstrate the ability to work, communicate and negotiate with a range of people from different cultural groups.?Describe two workplace experiences where you have addressed cultural, historical and access and equity issues as part of developing, implementing and monitoring support requirements according to individualised plans.

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