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Topic: Obama healthcare domain websites

the website project comes into existence 2013 and it was a sole initiative of the Obama administration, that saw it named after his name as Obama health care insurance scheme. But due to technological changes and a larger population that was targeted, the website has been facing immense technical problems that had made the entire medical scheme to fail meeting its primary objectives and goals. This has as well resulted in many criticisms to the administration and to those who were given the mandate, thus the project’s failure also failed people’s health .

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Obama healthcare
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Because of project failure, the launch of its website was flawed and experienced extreme technological problems making it complex for targeted citizens to sign up and to become members of the scheme that will lead them to start benefiting as well.

Paper on data collection procedures should only include the following:

1. Comparison research (comparing two products or two research)

2. Review of Archive Data

3. Newsfeed

Note : Do not write questionnaire, interview, focus group in the data collection procedure paper.

I need a 0% plagarized document.

3 pages (diagrams or any charts would not be included)

5 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

Paragraph in-text citation

Lot of research has to be included into the paper and 100% guality paper need to be submitted to me which includes graph, diagrams, charts, pictorial diagrams etc.

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