Pharmacist Inter-professional Health and Nurses

Pharmacist Interprofessional Health and Nurses Details: The task is to produce an essay of no more than 2500 words that discusses your perceptions on the scope of interprofessional health collaboration between the DEE site that you visited and the Pharmacy profession. Also include the reflection on the interview that you conducted with an AHPRA registered professional and the role of interprofessional health collaboration between the AHPRA registered professional and the Pharmacy profession. Pay particular emphasis on who this will impact your current and future perceptions of your role as a Pharmacist with the DEE site you visited and the AHPRA professional that you interviewed. Whilst discussing this topic provide and use examples that you witnessed during your placement activity to illustrate your response. An important component of any essay is the use of current research to support any viewpoint that you have presented. In this essay you are required to INCLUDE a Minimum of 5 current (no more than 5 years old) journals articles (these do not include text books, newspaper articles) that are applicable to the topic being discussed. All referencing that is provided must be completed in accordance with the APA referencing guidelines. The word count does not include any tables or the listed referencing material at the end of the essay. It will however include all in text citations. Rationale Communicating with peers, colleagues, patients and their carers is an essential skill for a health professional. Developing communication skills takes time and constructive feedback is required for you to develop your skills further. The Placement report is assessing you on your ability to understand the facility’s procedures and processes, the role that it plays in looking after the health concerns of their residents, the professional relationship between the facility and other health providers inclusing pharmacists and to be able to communicate this information to your colleagues in an appropriate manner. Students are expected to have achieve the learning outcomes; Appreciate the sociological and ethical issues that impact on appropriate dispensing practice Appreciate the significance of, and the techniques used in effective communication with, and counselling of patients Presentation The Font must be 12pt, unless otherwise indicated and all pages must be numbered. Student name and number must be included in the header or footer of every page of the assignment.

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Pharmacist Inter-professional Health and Nurses
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