Revenue from an exchange transaction may be classified as an increase in which class of net assets?

Course Government and Not-for-Profit
Test Quiz 7

Instructions This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 12. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 13. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the quiz.

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Revenue from an exchange transaction may be classified as an increase in which class of net assets?
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• Question 1
In the current year National Pet Charities, which uses fund-type accounting to maintain its books and records, received a $30,000 contribution to help educate people on responsible pet ownership. During the current year, the entry to record this donation is

• Question 2
The Nature Conservatory, a not-for-profit entity, engaged in a fundraising drive to raise money to buy land to provide a habitat for the endangered Sleepy Eagle. A donor pledged $1 million to the project provided that the Nature Conservatory was able to raise an additional $1.5 million from other sources. What entry should the Nature Conservatory make at the time of the $1 million pledge?

• Question 3
A not-for-profit Art Museum that has elected not to capitalize its art collection receives a donation of a rare piece of Tlinket Indian art. The donor paid $8,000 for the piece several years ago. Today the piece has an estimated fair value of $50,000. What entry should the Art Museum make upon receipt of this donation?

• Question 4
Revenue from an exchange transaction may be classified as an increase in which class of net assets?

• Question 5
The account title “Resources Released from Restriction” is reported by a ‘restricted fund’ as a

• Question 6
Mary’s Extended Care Center, a not-for-profit entity, enjoys the services of a group of high school age people who each agree to work three afternoons a week for three hours each afternoon performing a variety of patient-related services such as writing letters for those who are unable to do so, delivering mail to the patient rooms, and pushing wheel-chair patients across the grounds. The services rendered by these young people enhance the quality of life for the residents. They could not be provided if they were not donated because there are not enough resources to do so. The past year the young people donated 5000 hours in total. The services would have cost $6.00 per hour if they had been purchased but they were worth $10 an hour to St. Mary’s. What is the amount of contributed revenue that should be recognized by St. Mary’s related to these services?

• Question 7
United Charities’ annual fund raising drive in 2001 raised pledges of $600,000 of which $400,000 were collected in 2001 and $100,000 were collected in 2002. United Charities estimates $75,000 of the remaining pledges will never be collected. The increase in unrestricted net assets in 2001 as a result of the fund raising drive is

• Question 8
The National Association for the Preservation of Wildlife received $10,000 from a benefactor to support the overall objective of the organization. This amount will be recognized as revenue

• Question 9
Grace Church, a nondenominational not-for-profit entity, operates a school in connection with the Church. This year members of the Church decided to construct a new wing on the school with six classrooms. The Church hired an architect and a construction supervisor. The bulk of the labor for construction was donated by Church members who were willing workers but not necessarily skilled carpenters. Materials for the construction cost $300,000 and the paid labor was $100,000. The fair value of the completed building is $1 million. When the building is completed what should be the balance in the asset account ‘Building’ and the account ‘Contributed Revenue.’

• Question 10
The basis of accounting used by not-for-profit organizations in their external financial reports is

• Question 11
Native Art Museum, a not-for-profit entity that elects not to capitalize its collection items, purchased for $10,000 a wonderful totem pole for display near the door of the Museum. As a result of this transaction, which of the following entries should be made?

• Question 12
Voluntary health and welfare organizations must also report expenses by

• Question 13
FASB requires that all not-for-profit organizations report expenses

• Question 14
Not-for-profit organizations should report interest and dividends earned and restricted for long-term purposes in which of the following categories?

• Question 15
FASB requires the focus of external financial reporting be on

• Question 16
An accountant has encountered a perplexing financial reporting issue related to the hospital for which she is preparing financial statements. The issue is not specifically addressed by FASB statements. To which of the following sources would the accountant probably look for industry-specific guidance?

• Question 17
A hospital estimates, based on past experience, that it will incur $5 million in malpractice claims as a result of services rendered in the current period. The hospital carries a malpractice insurance policy with a yearly $2 million deductible clause. The amount that should appear on its year-end financial statement as Claims Expense (Loss) should be

• Question 18
An accountant has encountered a perplexing financial reporting issue related to the private college for which he is preparing financial statements. The issue is not specifically addressed by FASB Statements. To what standards would the accountant now look for guidance?

• Question 19
Intermountain Hospital, a not-for-profit health care provider, issued $70 million in term bonds to finance construction of a new wing at its main hospital. Terms of the bond issue require that $5 million of the proceeds of the bond issue be invested in U.S. government securities. The $5 million must be held until maturity of the bonds. The $5 million will increase which class of net assets?

• Question 20
Kale Hospital, a not-for-profit entity, received a pledge from a donor in support of a fund raising effort by the Hospital to finance construction of a new facility for cancer treatment. The donor promised to pay $1 million in equal annual installments of $100,000 over the next 10 years. The present value of the gift at the risk-free interest rate is $736,000. The amount of unrestricted revenue that should be recognized by Kale in the year of the gift is

• Question 21
For a not-for-profit hospital, which of the following financial statements is NOT required?

• Question 22
A consortium of physicians agree to provide services to the employees of a large County government. The agreement calls for monthly payments from the County to the consortium in the amount of $100,000 per month. County employees are not billed for services rendered by the consortium. All County employees are required to use the consortium under their health care program (any services rendered to County employees by other physicians are not covered under the health plan). During the period the consortium performed services for County employees for which it would have billed $85,000. The consortium referred patients to other health care providers for services they could not perform. The consortium estimates that it will be billed $5,000 for those services. The amount of revenue that should be recognized by the consortium is

• Question 23
In prior years, a not-for-profit hospital received funds from a donor who restricted the use of those funds to providing nursing scholarships. During the current year $8,000 of scholarships were awarded. These scholarships should be reported

• Question 24
For financial reporting purposes, government hospitals are within the jurisdiction of the

• Question 25
Which of the following entities should recognize depreciation expense on its operating statement?

• Question 26
During the current year, St. Mary’s Hospital (a not-for-profit entity) earned, based on its normal billings rate, $1 million in patient service revenues. Many of these patients belong to a health plan that has an established pay schedule. Based on the specific services rendered to members of the plan, the hospital estimates that $.05 million will not be collectible from the plan or the patient. Some of the patients are Hospital employees. These employees are given a 50% discount on the services rendered. Employee discounts for the current year total $.01 million. Some of the patients are uninsured and the hospital estimates that of the amount billed to the uninsured patients, $.2 million will not be collectible (bad debts). The amount of net patient service revenues for St. Mary’s Hospital for the current year is

• Question 27
During the current year, Jones University received a $50,000 gift from an alumnae who specified that it must be used to pay travel costs for faculty to attend health care conferences in foreign countries. During the year the university spent $8,000 to support travel to a health care conference in Italy. The $8,000 disbursement will cause a NET decrease in which class of net assets?

• Question 30
For a not-for-profit college or university, which of the following categories of net assets is NOT appropriate in its external financial statements?

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